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The Modular Hearth

The Royal Danish Academy of FIne Arts and Architetcure

Product and concept design, 2015

The word hearth derives from an Indo-European root, referring to burning, heat, and fire and was the main theme for a 1:1 scale light fixture project. It also describes the most important spot in the space, brings an attention and gather people together.


In The Modular Hearth Installation is a concept of the light installation designed according to the hearth principle. The installation is placed in the context of the interior of Nikolaj Kunsthallen  art gallery in the center of Copenhagen. Back in time this building used to be a church, that burned in The Great Fire of Copenhagen in 1795. This installation plays the role of a modern altar and reminds of the primary function of that building.

The installation is based on steel cubical frames with an LED light source covered with textile.


One of the main idea is a possibility of connecting and disconnecting the modules with hole plugins and jack connectors.


That way the installation can change the shape according to user’s needs.

The Prototype

The concept of The Modular Hearth was supported by 3 handmade prototypes in real scale. The fine work with wiring inside frame and textile covering provide romantic and smooth light transition.


The concept includes approximately 40 modules, so the installation bring an attention and provide calm and serene atmosphere in the space.


Plan, section and deails

Light + Building 2016 Exhibition

The Modular Hearth light fixture participated in the Frankfurt Light + Building Messe 2016. The lamp was exhibited together with light prototypes of students of The Royal Danish Academy of FIne Arts.

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