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I am an educated architect, constructing architect and a lighting designer.

Using my diverse experience, various skills and unconventional imagination I create anything that needs to be created. 

Design a building in China? -Sure! 

Build up an outdoor water installation in -10 °C ? -Of course!

Create walkable castle on stage for a Rock Show of a popular band? -Why not!?

I did it all and I want to do more!

I am a person who takes up what is needed and gives all my energy into it. I believe that different experiences brings up a new values for next opportunities to come.

All my ideas are "custom-made" for a specific project to make sure that I can create unique and unforgettable experience. 

For that reason I work in 3d modelling programs, build manual models, weld, solder, sew, calculate and test my ideas to deliver the highest quality result.


tel DK| +45 50 25 50 69

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