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Christmas Market Ilumination

The Royals Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture

Exterior illumination

Every Year The Royal Danish Academy organizes KADK Julemarked- the Christmas Market, where students can demonstrate and sell their own products on the site of the school. For the first time in 2015, the market was enriched with light illumination for the exterior buildings.

The idea was to create a wayfinding system for illumination of entrances and walkways around the buildings.

The biggest challenge was in a amount of equipment that could be used in that project.  I my resources I had 8 ERCO outdoor luminaires with different light sources, 2 projectors, bicycle lights and Christmas lights.

Animation frames

As a main theme, I created a simple animation that was projected on the front gable of the building to mark the place and invite guests to the market.

The fixtures were used to light up the entrances to the buildings and emphasize the main hall on the courtyard.

To mark the paths, I covered around 200 bicycle light with transparent tulle material and hanged them from the trees. The lights were blown by the wind and looked like sparkling stars.

Pictures from the event

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