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Golden Clothing Manufacture

Wrocław University of Technology

Industrial architecture design

Nowadays industrial architecture is facing with the problem of radical separation of area for customer service and area of production. Golden clothing Manufacture building present unique and comfortable place for workers of luxurious clothing production.

 It does not only provide equality for every employee, but also implement a lot of nature into specious production hall.


Site plans

Site plan 1:2000


The same main entrance for both office and production workers and customers, as well as, slim stripes of green atriums penetrating into building create pleasant atmosphere to work.

Plans and sections


Construction and detail

The Golden Clothing Manufactured building is very simple in construction and was extended with a concept of unusual coating.


The organic shape of outer layer covering the building is made form colorized Corian ( acrylic resin ) that allows to build creative shapes and bends of the material.

View from under the cover

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