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Green Renovation

Via University College

Building renovation

The aim for this project was to change prison infirmary into modern, green and ecological hostel.


In a teamwork part of refurbishment course taken at VIA University College, the whole interior of the building was changed and adjusted to hotel requirement. For the individual part, The Green Renovation project was made.

Green Renovation project focuses on importance of external look of buildings, that creates the natural atmosphere of spaces. It is an example of how harsh and unpleasant prison environment can be changed into green and modern area.

Top view and elevations

Taking sustainability into account, the building is designed with green wall and green roof stripes on south and front facade.


Glass extension at the back and solartwin panels on roof provides heat savings for the hostel.

Moreover, the front square was designed in a principle of stirpes, repeating the design on fasade. The stripes are filled up with grass, water ponds and benches.

View on the roof

Construction details

The whole project was supported with detailed key junctions of new exterior structure with all component information. Drawings of green roof and wall irrigation and drainage systems were provided, as well as all useful analysis of costs.

View from the back

View from the front

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