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Iceberg Biology Faculty

Wrocław University of Technology

Public building design

The Biology Faculty is located on the island close to the city center of Wroclaw city in Poland.


The name- “Iceberg”  came from the buildings shape formed from triangular outline of the site. To open up the view on the axis of beautiful boulevards from the north side and the Wroclaw University tower on the south, the buildings floors are gradually decreasesing in a shape and form rectangular tetrahedron.

Top plan and 3d view

This gradation formed a space for green roofs and terraces. Students can get on the top directly from the outside using slopes or stairs on the roof. This enables the to move flexible between buildings floors and serves as an escape routes.

Floor plans



One of the characteristic of the Iceberg Biology Faculty is the formation of  tree lamps placed on the rooftops.


They complement the mountain-like shape of the building and resemble the trees, as they are placed in the biological University.

Tree lamp details

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