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Net Hostel

Wrocław University of Technology

Commercial building design

The Net Hostel was designed in a gap between two townhouses in the North part of city Wroclaw. The idea for luxurious hostel came out from inspiration of world of nature.

Front side of building contains two blocks with hotel rooms, slightly shifted between each other. The building shape expand horizontally imitating the movement of fish tale. The curtain walls covering all gables were inspired byt spider web.

Site plans

Floor plans, sections and 3d model


View form backyard

Hotel facilities such as common room, kitchen, entertainment room and accessible green terrace are designed inside the courtyard for relaxing and quiet atmosphere for hotel guests.

All façade is composed of prefabricated aluminium curtain wall imitating spider web. The openwork panels gives atmospheric shadows in the interior.

The hotel initially stands out from the surrounding, giving an interesting view from the street.

View form the inside

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