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Sales Center in Shenzhen

Our Concept Design


Building exterior design

During my internship in Shanghai at Our Concept Design company I was took a part in designing sales center placed in Shenzhen, next to Blue-collar Industrial park housing complex.

The project of sales centers is inherent part in design of residential municipalities in China. This is a building representing all kind of offers of new apartments and spaces to rent or buy from nearest housing complex.

For the already prepared shape of building, my responsibility was to make basic floor plans, 3d model and design the whole exterior with landscape design included according to Chinese standards and main architect requirements.

Builidng plan and section

In order to discuss housing offers to clients an exhibition areas with meeting places are provided.


To adjust to modern Chinese concept of architecture, the building is symmetrical with two canopies on a sides and one above the main entrance.

I was working on Sales Center project for  five months and after another five the whole project was executed in Shenzen. Working in China gives a unforgettable experience and shows the importance of nowadays growing building industry

Back elevation

Building photos

View on the terrace

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