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Symbiotic Vibration

ACT LIghting Design

Landscape Lighting Design

During my internship at ACT Lighting Design in Brussels, Belgium, I participated in the concept lighting design of Vorobyovy Gory park in Moscow, Russia. Symbiotic Vibration project was selected together with 5 other project of lighting design companies. 

The project basis on introducing lighting concept in the park, embankment and street in Vorobyovy Gory area. The main idea behind the project is to form a symbiosis between to contradictory elements that share the same space. Artificial lighting and nature are presented as unity in Symbiotic Vibration project.

As an intern in ACT Lighting Design I was responsible for the creative concept formulation. Together with a project manager I worked on the idea and smart solutions for the park lighting. The project was supported by suggestion of specific luminaires systems, lighting scenarios and detailed budget.



All design rigths are reserved for ACT LIGHTING DESIGN /

There are 3 areas in a competition scope: the street, park and embankment. The project includes functional lighting that provides safe walk on the street together with interesting gobo light patterns along the alley. Lighting in the park was inspired by firefly blinking light and creates romantic atmosphere. On the embankment we placed horizontal line that can be seen from the opposite side of the water. Most of the luminaires are based on smart lighting system, that are activated only when someone is passing by, respecting the natural darkness for the nocturnal animals at the park.

The lighting was also design for the World Cup that will take place in 2018 in Moscow. For that reason the project engage the park to the stadium on the opposite side with light beams of Moving Heads.

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