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The Light Connection

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture

Facade Competition

The Light Connection is a project of façade design for the student competition for Copenhagen Commune. It was presented in the final ceremony as well as on the exhibition at The Royal Danish Academy.


The project proposal concept for façade of the Citizens center creates an attractive entrance to the building. The Citizens Center is a place connecting city and it’s citizens. It basis on relationship between people and municipalities.

The idea of Light Connection presents smooth transition between day and night. The façade is decorated by glossy and mirrored dome pattern. Inside of some of the domes, a light luminaire is placed focusing on the dome nearby.

During the day they reflect sun rays and during the night the façade reveals connection formed by light. The luminaires are programmed to dim that the whole scenery would create the breathing effect encouraging the citizen to visit the place also during the night.

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