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Thesis collaboration

Starting from October 2016 I am contributing to my master thesis project at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Architectural Lighting Design program.

For that reason I am searching for an architectural company, lighting design studio or lighting designers, who are willing to cooperate with me during my final year project.

My program theme is:

Space lighting design with a project of lighting sculpture, object or installation.

Do you or your company has a coming up project in above mention topic?

Are you looking for somebody to collaborate in a similar theme?

Or you already have a project and need more creative ideas to bring it to reality?

Since this is an academic project it needs to meet school requirement as well as my personal statement. Although, I am open for new ideas and possibilities for cooperate for specific projects under condition of being related with lighting theme.

I can work on the project (or part of it) for your company and extend it for school proposes. For instance, I can collaborate in a design of light installation for your company and present it in a space with lighting arrangement for my school. I am always open for new challenges!

Depending on size of the project I will collaborate with you approximately 10 months ( October 2016- June 2017) in assistance with my school. After that time we can come up with a new agreement, regarding project changes and execution or further cooperation.

I can offer you:

  • Lighting analysis and schemes for desired project

  • Creative design supported by construction ideas

  • Light tests, models and prototypes

  • My hours, skills and experience to bring project to completion

  • My engagement and passion for light

I strongly advise to go through my website, where you can take a look at my projects and my design style. 

For more information feel free to contact me and meet me in person. Maybe this collaboration will not be our last one!


tel DK| +45 50 24 83 43

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