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Bamboo Kindergarten

KEA- Copenhagen School of Design and Technology


Construction design

Bamboo Kindergarten was the graduation project designed at KEA, Copenhagen School of Design and Technology. It is ancontinuation of concept of kindergarten school at Trekorner East in Roskilde in Denmark by Holscher Architects.

In the construction architect responsibility was to develop the idea of the modern kindergarten and solve functional problems of the building. The Bamboo project main theme focuses on usage of bamboo as a building material. For that reason, the whole facades and some walls in exterior are made form bamboo clums.

Preceding the project developement, I made a reasearch about bamboo itself. For more iformation, please take a look into raport: Bamboo as a sustainable material for future building industry.


The main focus for this part of education was to design the whole structure of the building in a way that it can sustain itself for long and can support unusual architectural design.

The main details were drawn as well as the whole ventilation, heating, sewage systems were calculated. The interior was slightly changed for better functionality and adjusted to Danish Building Regulations.

Taking sustainability into consideration the external glass walls are double glazed with silicon aerogel that work like an insulation material.

Some of them are colorful and translucent to provide more privacy and create green or red shadows inside.

This project was developed form constructional point of view. It is an interesting way to show that every architectural idea can be solved and function properly in a real life.

Ventilation plans

Site plan and 3d section

Detailed section

Construction details

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