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The Bilzen Mysteries

ACT LIghting Design

Interactive light path installations

Bilzen, Belgium, 2016


Alden Biesen is an interactive light experience placed on the medieval castle area and church interiors. The visitors walk the path of light installations followed by the film on their tablets. The whole experience is telling the story of the castle and light installations reflect on the historical facts that happened n that area. During my work at ACT Lighting Design in Belgium

I had an opportunity to be involved at the very end phase of technical design and execution of the project. I was preparing technical documentations for building permits including cabling plans, technical solutions for the installations and budgeting. For instance I designed how to mount and maintain the floating led diodes on the canal with water. I was also present at the implementation of lighting on a site and helped in build up of the network system and cabling.


The project is a permanent installation gathering 200 000 visitors each year to enjoy the unique nightscape of the mysteries in castle in Bilzen.

The design process and build up

All design rights are reserved for ACT LIGHTING DESIGN.

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