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Light Art Installation for Copenhagen Light Festival
Copenhagen, Denmark, 2022


Immortal Jellyfish project is a result of Design Sprint arranged by Ungt Lys organization for Copenhagen Light Festival. Being part of the organization, I participated in a 2-week workshop. All participants were grouped and assigned to create light art installations that were exhibited in the windows of cafe Martikel 1. Together with 2 other lighting designers we were assigned to a specific material and 3 key words, that were supposed to inspire and lead us to create installation.


Given by the material- PLASTIC, we were influenced by the massive plastic bag disposal in the oceans, that are easily mistaken as jellyfishes by sea animals.

By 2022 there is 18,500 pieces in every square km of ocean, weighing up to 269,000 tons. This massive waste disposal creates a huge problem for a natural sea life. Those debris suspended in the oceans are the breakout from circularity concept. We wanted to address this issue with our installation.

Throughout many test on different plastic materials and light, we came across dichroic foil stripes. With a very narrow beam light and simple fan motion, we created beautiful light sparkles and delicate colored shadows, that reminded us of underwater life and light caustics.

To include intensity word in our project we created intense colorful effect on the background, that complemented the scenery of the floating, sparkling object- the jellyfish.

The main aim for our group was to create simple, interesting and eye-catching installation, with a use of minimal material, only white light and no light control. We played with material reflectiveness, that brought us to unexpected but beautiful results.

The Immortal Jellyfish window was one out of 4 windows with light art installation, creating beautiful gallery along the café façade. The project received many compliments and attract many visitors throughout February month 2022.

More about the projects you can read here: Click!

Lighting Designers: Luca Pellizzari, Athanasios Samaras, Katarzyna Krawczuk

Organisation: Ungt Lys

Festival: Copenhagen Light Festival

Lights provided by Arthur Van der Zaag

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