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Zevenaar Bike Tunnel

Bike Tunnel Lighting

Aterlier LEK

Zevenaar, The Netherlands, 2020

Bike Tunnel Lighting in The Netherlands

The municipality of Zavenaar (The Netherlands) asked Atelier LEK for a lighting design of newly constructed bike tunnel. The lighting was supposed to connect to the city and enhance the water canal on a side of the bike path.

The lighting concept exposes an industrial, corrugated sheet surface of the tunnel and face it with natural and organic feeling of water in the canal. Therefore, the tunnel shows two different sides. One with 2800K diffused light and the opposite one with 6000K of cold light. The fixtures have been fixed and focused on the water so that the light could be creating distorted water patterns on the ceiling. To refer to Zevenaar´s city landmarks, small led dots have been placed on the stone wall. The dots are motion controlled, so that the led light switches on when the bicycle passes through the tunnel.


The lighting is design to be smooth and not blind the cyclists.  The transition in light level is normative, subtle and soft with the outside both during day and night.


Concept of motion controlled light spots integrated in the wall. 


The location: Zevenaar

Lighting Design: Atelier LEK

Year of Completion: 2020

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