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Teardrop Concert Hall  

Wrocław University of Technology

Interior Design

When primary  concert halls were an open-venues (such as amphitheaters), the performances were be integrated with nature and created more emotional sense of experience. Nowadays, where loud cities and busy lifestyle prevents from natural silence, the concert halls became closed spaces, seperated from the surrounding.

The main concept for the hall was the unity with outside. Fragile tessellations give impression of the open space. The biggest focus is put on the glass honey-comb copula, that provides a lot of daylight into interior and the unity with surrounding environment.

The Teardrop Concert Hall project is a concept of small, vast, public space. It was created for human experience of frailness, surrounding and light accompanied with sounds of instrumental music.


Floor plans and sections

The Teardrop Concert Hall project is an public interior design concept that creates a space the corresponds with function and unique form at once.  All the requirements regarding, acoustics, visibility and safety are the aspects that shape the hall form.


 On the hall ceiling hexagonal shaped acoustical glass panels were placed in order to reflect the sound wave into the auditorium.

Round shaped plan provides good acoustical reflections, therefore the stage and auditorium seats are designed in oval shape.


Taking all the acoustic aspects into consideration, the copulas honey combs consists of different type of acoustical materials.


Sound reflective, mirrored  glass panels are suspended from the ceiling. and polycarbonate sound diffusive material is placed on a sides of the copula. There are 2 types od absorbtion material: Fiberglass tiles placed on the back and front side of the hall and metallic grid covering the acustic wool seats to absorb the sound from the audience.

View from the stage

View from auditorium

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