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Wavescape Light Experience

Copenhagen Light Festival 

Sponsored Light Art Installation

Copenhagen, Denmark, 2018

The Wavescape light installation was a project formed for the first Copenhagen Light Festival in February 2018. Founded by Innovation Network Dansk Lys, together with 3 graduates I created an installation inspired by 3 types of waves : water waves, light waves and sound waves. The main idea was to create completely natural water projection based on light reflections. 

 Visitors can walk on a stepping stones in a pool filled with water to finally enter the cubical structure where all the magic happens. Reflected light form the outside of the pool projects the wave pattern on the translucent walls of the cube. The well inside creates a projection of water ripples onto suspended sail, giving a way for visitors to interact and play their own music. The project was entirely designed, developed, organized and executed by me and 2 of my groupmates and have met with big praise from the public

The design and build up process


For Distortion Festival

The same year, the concept of The Wavescape installation was exhibited for Distortion Festival Ø  on Refshaleøen. This time the project was changed and adjusted to fit into "psychedelic" and more visual theme of the festival. Our team improved the lighting with a video projections, construction and music output to generate distorted patterns on the suspended ceiling.

Design team: Simon Panduro, Lucrezia Seghi, Katarzyna Krawczuk, Chrisitian Fisker

The Wavescape 1.0 founded by: Dansk Center for Lys - Danish innovation network & Indre by

Photo credits: Marcin Serdeczny

Lighting: Fagerhult

Sound: Soundbox

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