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Concert room lighting design

Copenhagen, Denmark, 2020


EKHO EKHO is the largest music community for musicians in Denmark. The place was originally built for changing room for shipyard workers in Refshaleøen in Copenhagen. The whole hall was transformed into 61 rehearsal rooms, common spaces and concert room called Kloster Moster.

Our team of lighting designers: Simon Panduro and Katarzyna Krawczuk, have been contacted by the head of association to renovate the building spaces. EKHO EKHO was a place that needed to boost creativity, create an appealing atmosphere and gather people.

We created a design that focuses on good lighting, rough industrial materials and experiments with light programming.

The project has been sponsored by Louis Poulsen and is divided into 2 parts.

PART 1: KLOSTER MOSTER event room and color boost!

Kloster Moster is the official concert room of EKHO EKHO - the space where musicians set up their gear to perform their newly rehearsed songs for the local audience. The original purpose of Kloster Moster is to have a room where people can experience concerts, conferences, workshops and other similar events.

Implemented sound engineering

Prior to our work in integrating lights in Kloster Moster, we were introduced to a thorough acoustics engineering plan. The plan entailed fully covered walls of special foam-fabric and hanging acoustic panels from the ceiling. 

Light considerations

With a need to both ensure sufficient lighting for musicians during rehearsals and enable a creative ambient vibe during events, we were looking for a solution that provided both white functional downlight, and indirect colored light to fill the room and create color gradients.

Lighting idea

The concept evolved from integrating the lighting into acoustic panels hanging from the ceiling. For a seamless and discreet design, white LED strips were integrated in the lower part of the hanging panels, whereas RGBW LED strips were integrated in the upper part of the hanging panels. The panels with white LED strips provides uniform and dimmable lighting for rehearsals, workshops etc., where colored lighting performs different lighting scenarios for concerts, events and other entertainment activities.

Panel solution

Careful considerations were carried out to ensure that the LEDs were integrated in the panels in the most smooth way - preventing drivers to be visible while ensuring that the panels do not lose their sound functionality.


Themes and concepts of color and movements were programmed, tested and improved on-site. An enclosed Ipad, mounted to the wall, provides for the musicians an easy and understandable switch between different themes.


The location: KLOSTER MOSTER

Sponsor: Louis Poulsen

Lighting Design: Simon PanduroKatarzyna Krawczuk

Acoustic work: t60 Acoustics, Golam Sadeghnia

Luminaires: Prolicht

Photo Credits: Marcin Serdeczny, EKHO EKHO

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